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Making lasting impressions. Creating happiness.

We are passionate, down-to-earth makers of unique, high-quality metal art lovingly crafted in the open spaces of the heartland. We strive to make art that tells your unique story. Art that expresses what is important to you. Art that inspires and gives back. Art that ultimately creates happiness.

Proud makers – Robin & Jamie

Open Spaces grew out of a love story between a teacher and crafter with Attention Deficit Disorder who makes her own Bisquick, and a former marine with “nuts and bolts” know-how and business sensibility. Through this unlikely union, Robin Beaver and Jamie Brugmann started Open Spaces – the name is a nod to their Nebraska roots – that makes unique metal art they hope will create happiness and meaning in their customer’s lives.

State-of-the-Art Technology Meets Creative Inspiration

State-of-the-"heart" may be a better way of putting it!

We are utilizing the latest in metal cutting to create unique, meaningful art that allows our customers to express what is important to them while giving back to our veterans and communities.

Colorful, high-end paint

With 15 colors to choose from, plus a variety of seasonal colors, we use high-quality automotive paint with U/V protection to insure a long-lasting finish.

Fast-turnaround commitment

We guarantee shipment within 5-7 days of your purchase.

Our Mission

Open Spaces promises to share our passion through unique, high-quality metal art with a simple, down-to-earth customer experience. Art that will allow our customers to express what is important to them and that will give back to our veterans and communities.
We will engage, teach, inspire and, ultimately, create happiness.